The better way to build.

Built to Last

As a leader in General Contracting, Project Management and Design-Build Construction, B.D. Stevens Limited’s mission is to excel in the delivery of construction services, through quality workmanship and design that exceeds client requirements. On time and within budget are real and achievable goals for us.

A pioneer in the Tilt-up Construction industry in the Maritimes, B.D. Stevens Limited has led the way in discovering efficiencies in process while maintaining a strong aesthetic sense for our projects.

We’re proud of our completed projects, that have stood the test of time. We are equally proud of our front end team, who work to optimize the design and site plans to maximize customer value.

With an eye for quality control throughout all stages, B.D. Stevens provide you a building that lasts.

Tilt-Up Construction 101

Tilt-Up construction is an innovative and effective method of modern construction. Concrete panels are cast on the project site, and lifted into place. Once in place, each panel locks in all the beauty and strength that architects and engineers can design at a fraction of the time and expense of conventional construction.

Tilt-Up buildings cost less, go up fast and reduce energy costs. Quality and aesthetics need not be sacrificed in the name of cost efficiency.

“B.D. Stevens team has worked seamlessly with our people to ensure an excellent finished product. Their quality workmanship and ongoing attention to our needs help present the Steele Auto Group in the best light possible.”

— Rob Steele, CEO, Steele Auto Group

Advantages of Tilt-Up

Tilt-Up provides an economical, quickly constructed, energy-efficient building. Tilt-Up walls combine structural and architectural integrity making this a cost-effective method.

  • Fast-track Delivery
  • Economical Capital Cost
  • Lower Operating Cost
  • Flexibility for Expansion
  • Sound Control
  • Durability with Low Maintenance
  • Superior Fire Resistance
  • Attractive & Efficient

Leaders in the tilt-up construction industry, we are also proud to be founding members of the Tilt-up Concrete Association (TCA).