Tilt-Up Construction at a Glance

On time and within budget are real and achievable goals for us. Leaders in the tilt-up construction industry, we are also proud to be founding members of the Tilt-up Concrete Association (TCA).

What is Tilt-Up Construction?

Tilt-Up construction is an innovative and effective method of construction. Concrete panels are cast on the project site and lifted into place. Once tilted into place, each panel locks in all the beauty and strength that architects and engineers design at a fraction of the time and expense of conventional construction.

Why Choose Tilt-Up Construction?

Tilt-Up construction enjoys a long lasting solid reputation of proven success. It is the fasttrack delivery system that conserves time and controls costs. In addition, it is efficient, and secures a more rapid building occupation.

Tilt-Up construction offers many advantages including:
  • Fasttrack Delivery
  • Economical Capital Cost
  • Lower Operating Cost
  • Flexibility For Expansion
  • Sound Control
  • Durability
  • Fire Resistance
  • Attractive & Efficient

Tilt-Up buildings cost less, go up fast and reduce energy costs. Quality and aesthetics need not be sacrificed in the name of cost efficiency.

For More Information Visit TCA
Tilted-Up Concrete Association

“We were extremely pleased with how efficiently the team completed the project for us. B.D. Stevens’ crew was able to work seamlessly with our people.”

Steve Harris, Project Manager
Seagate Construction

“They were open about the entire concept and were very candid, always providing us with professional and knowledgeable guidance.”

Andrée Caissie Savoie, Property Manager
MACC Commercial Properties

“We (the staff) feel very fortunate to have had this wonderful group to work on this project. It made what could have been a stressful time, very positive and easy to support.”

Jean Corporon, Principal